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by Jimboslice21 at 9:18 PM
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Just a video I made talking about the end of the YourCraft Minecraft Server
and what the future holds.

Thank you everyone for being a part of this absolutely amazing community! Through all the ups and downs Yourcraft has been a place I could go to feel welcomed, to feel loved. It was a place of joy and community and we all became a strong family. I love and miss you all!
- Jimboslice21​
by BenFudge at 11:40 PM
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Hello all!

BenFudge here with an important message. On May 3rd of the year 2014, YourCraft will reach the end of its quarterly billing cycle with VeoServ and the server will shut down - forever.

As of recent, I am unable to fulfill my obligations as owner and operator of YourCrafts plugin maintenance and server troubleshooting or head of promotion. Funding is not an issue - although we have not received a donation in over a month, money has never held me back now would it now. It truly comes down to the fact that my real-world life is consuming all the time I need to put into this server to keep it running.

The webstore has been shut down prior to this message, as regarded in the terms and conditions...
Of course, if I decide to stop hosting my server (it'll happen eventually) the donations will be useless. Your donations guarantee more uptime for the server, but they do not guarantee it to be up forever. I will give a...
by BenFudge at 9:33 PM
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Alright, first off thank you all for taking the survey! It is greatly appreciated and I hope it can really help the server :)

Here are some screenshots of the data collected...
As you can see, many players would like to see new minigames and such added to the server. Please post in this forum any games that you would like to specifically see get added to the server! I am hesitant about adding a PvP world because that takes a lot of memory, but if you all really want that it could probably happen. When we did do that though, one world often became favored over the other.

Hello there!

We have noticed that the YourCraft...

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